Touch Mobile Apps

Touch Mobile puts real-time information in the palm of your hand.

screenshot of real time touch mobile app

The TouchPath mobile platform was created to bring the ease of use, reach, and flexibility of the smartphone, tablet and mobile computer to the manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and supply chain sectors.  The platform is held to enterprise-level standards and has robust integration capabilities, creating security and opening the door for additional mobile solutions.

Mobile apps can be a more cost effective and efficient solution when used in specific business areas, such as field sales, field service, machine service/maintenance, taking inventory and CRM.

Through a Touch Mobile App, we can connect an employee with vital information within our solutions or information that’s typically only available in the ERP system.  Their access to real-time information results in more accurate decision making, quicker response times, reduced errors and greater customer satisfaction.  Productivity increases since the user inputs his own data into the mobile app (no re-keying), and updates are securely performed within seconds, at anytime, from anywhere, all from a smartphone, tablet, or mobile computer device.