Manufacturing Inventory Software

TouchInventory is a configurable inventory control system that tracks all forms of inventory, from raw materials to WIP to finished goods to shipments. Our inventory tracking software is designed to reduce errors, promote accuracy, reduce carrying costs, reduce paperwork, reduce administrative costs and give greater visibility through the entire order fulfillment cycle. It does this by empowering material handlers and production workers to transact with existing legacy or prepackaged ERP systems (BPCS/ERP LX, SAP, M3, etc.) through a single user interface in a secure, intuitive application.

TouchPath’s inventory management software includes:

Standard Processes Additional Functionality Available
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Customer Order Picking
  • Shop Order Receipt (Single & Multi Issue)
  • Shop Order Receipt with Backflush of Component Items
  • PO Receipt to Inspection
  • PO Receipt to Stock from Inspection
  • PO Receipt direct to Stock
  • Start Up Inventory Labeling
  • PO and Shop Order Label
  • Cycle Count
  • Physical Inventory
  • DRP Receipt
  • Stock Status Inquiry
  • RMA Receipt
  • Labor Reporting
  • Pallet Tracking
  • Directed Put Away Advanced
  • Directed Picking Advanced
  • Customer Defined Custom Transactions
  • RFID Enablement

Other features are available in our shop floor data collection system, helping to reduce stock control errors, improve accuracy and lower carrying costs, among other things.

Other features Business Benefits
  • Transactions for receiving through shipping available
  • Seamless, real-time integration with ERP system
  • Automatically recognizes and conforms to the executing device
  • Recognizes each user’s prompt in appropriate language
  • Double byte language capability
  • Allows lot control, container control
  • Easily configured without changing code
By empowering plant floor users to transact in real-time with core ERP systems in a secure, easy-to-learn system, TouchInventory delivers:

  • Reduced inventory errors
  • High inventory accuracy levels
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs
  • Greater visibility through the entire order fulfillment cycle
  • Significantly less paperwork
  • Improved shipping performance
  • Real Time Data Updates