Custom Solutions

Along with our core set of solutions, a TouchPath consultant or your development team can build and deploy custom solutions that match your unique needs and specific operations. Using the TouchPath Design-Time tool, highly tailored solutions can be rapidly developed and deployed in hours or days, not weeks and months.  In many cases, because of the development tool’s flexibility, and our pre-developed processes, a custom tailored solution can be built and deployed more cost effectively than others can customize their standard packages.  Some examples of the custom solutions developed for our customers include:

• WIP Tracking
• Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Tracking
• Field Service tracking and maintenance of equipment/inventory
• Parts Tracking
• Automated Shipping
• Real Time Location Tracking
• Automatic Inventory
Warehouse Management
• PLC Communications
• Directed Order Picking
• Directed Putaways
• Custom pick/put away rules
• Directed Location Transfers
• Automated Shipping Processes and Load Management
• Automated Package Sorting
• Integrations into other third party and proprietary MES and Quality systems
• Customized compliance workflow based on customer shipping practices
• Customized integration requirements for both supplier and vendor requirements
• FDA Compliance Tracking
Inventory Control
• Quality Reporting
• FDA Compliance Tracking
• Homeland Security Material Safety Tracking
• In-transit inventory tracking between warehouses with automated inventory updates
Entrance Control
• Automated Vehicle Access Control System
• Employee/Visitor/Subcontractor building evacuation verification
Process Management

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