Facility Evacuation

Top features include:

  • Track your most valuable assets – people
  • Smart phone , PC or mobile device access
  • Efficient badge issuing process
  • Location reporting/search capabilities
  • Graphical mapping of your floor plan
  • Use reports for time and attendance
  • Optional Video integration with time stamp

Evacuation situations call for the immediate accounting of personnel and visitors to ensure personal safety. In the event of an emergency, evacuees can range from a few to thousands and not one can be left behind. ToucAftermath of Lowes Home Improvement store which used facility evacuation software when hit by tornadohPath’s Facility Evacuation and Visitor Verification tracks employees, visitors, and contractors, providing verifiable accountability of all occupants.

Upon entrance into the facility, administrative personnel would register visitors and contractors.  Employees are assigned badges as part of the hiring process.  Additionally, biometric fingerprints and photo or photo ID can be captured.  Contact information, including, mobile number, company employer, their work station or department visiting, and even physical attributes can be listed. When all the required information is gathered, an active RFID badge, specific to that individual, is issued. Equipment can be checked in/out (i.e. radios, keys, tools) to ensure their return.  Active badges with a panic or distress button are also available.  The badges have a long battery life (approx 5 years) and are reuseable/reassignable.

Utilizing Active RFID, antennas strategically placed near entrances and exits track when someone enters/leaves the building.  RFID readers are also posted at each external muster point to verify the evacuees present during an emergency. Persons not detected at muster points and not identified as having exited, would be assumed to be in the building. Evacuation managers would receive a notification of any unaccounted persons and the work station/department visiting via e-mail.

Safety and security is vital to ensuring a successful facility evacuation. We never know when an emergency situation will occur, integrating TouchPath’s Evacuation and Visitor Verification Solution will ensure you account for all employees, contractors and any visitors. Utilizing TouchPath’s middleware infrastructure allows you to build upon this solution by integrating Time and Attendance and/or Asset Tracking. Implementing several systems using the same technology reduces your infrastructure costs and simplifies system maintenance.

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