Asset Tracking Software

There is a wide range of equipment involved manufacturing and distribution operations and tracking that equipment can be a challenge. Imagine if that challenge could be met with an asset tracking software package that allows you to track any piece of equipment that can be tagged with an RFID and/or barcode label. With TouchAsset, managing your equipment and supplies becomes an automated process that will ultimately save you time and money. TouchAsset simplifies the process required to enter, capture, and cleanse data at the point of business activity, updating all pertinent systems in real-time where necessary.

TouchAsset is an asset tracking system that helps organizations locate, track, monitor and improve the use and maintenance of its assets. Our software solution captures the tag data from radio frequency identification tags (RFID) or bar codes, consolidates that information into easy-to-view reports and provides a variety of alerts to other systems, as well as personnel via email or text messages. The application provides customers the flexibility to use the appropriate technology or combinations of technology such as RFID (active and passive) and barcodes to best meet your requirement at the lowest cost. TouchPath offers several different asset tracking software packages depending on the tracking capabilities and the type of functions required.

Fixed Asset Tracker Portal Tracker Zone Tracker Entrance Control Real-Time Location Tracker
Tracking Capabilities
• Assign Tag to Asset
• Check in/out
• Physical Audit – Scan Detect
• Physical Audit – Auto Detect *
• Detect on Entrance/Exit *
• Detect Presence in Zone *
• Detect Tag Tampering
• Detect Low Tag Battery
Event Alerts
• Send email or text
• Trigger other systems
• Customized alerts
Webservice integration to other systems
• Accounting Fixed Assets
• Payment Systems
• Gates
• Camera/Video
• Sensors/Alarms
Reporting (Export to Excel)
• Standard (7 Reports)
• Custom
Other Features
• Standard Label
• Customizable Label
• User Authentication
• Page Level Permissions
• Easy Asset Info Import
• Customizable Fields
• Use of Maps/Floor Plans
• Site License Version
• On-Demand Version

*Available with Fixed Asset Advanced

Fixed Asset Tracker

Whether your facility is small or large the value and existence of  fixed assets must be validated on a periodic basis by performing physical audits. Manual processes can be extremely time consuming, particularly when tracking large numbers of assets such as furniture, computer equipment and other general assets. Using bar code and RFID asset tracking technology, TouchPath offers organizations a fast, low cost approach to physically label/tag, assign, check-in/out and conduct a physical audit of assets and integrate with necessary company systems. TouchPath’s bar code solution called Fixed Asset Basic is a simple, reliable and inexpensive first step for those with manual processes. The next level in Fixed Asset tracking is to use passive RFID technology found in our Fixed Asset Advanced tracking product. By allowing mobile scanners to quickly detect all tagged assets in an area without having to find and scan each item individually, this product is proven to increase the efficiency over bar coding by 6 times. Both these solutions can be implemented by organizations in days with limited involvement from TouchPath.

Portal Tracker

When you need greater control of higher value assets (expensive equipment, artwork, critical documents/files, vehicles, tools, instruments) that are easily moved, RFID monitoring at portal locations such as doorways, hallways, entrances and exits can be vital. TouchPath’s Portal Tracker will automatically identify and record tagged assets as they move in and out of selected portal(s). The system can be configured to send alerts as specified events occur, (asset leaves secure area) which will dramatically improve an organization’s ability to control, protect and preserve the value of critical assets.

Zone Tracker

Some situations require that organizations have the ability to monitor assets, in real-time, within a specified area or zone, indicating which assets are present and record when those items enter or exit. Zone Tracker has been used to monitor equipment that is checked-in and out of secure storage areas and remotely monitor inventory levels of equipment across multiple storage zones in various facilities. Our solution allows better utilization of equipment between facilities.

Entrance Control

The TouchPath Entrance Control solution is distinctive because of its ability to easily integrate with virtually any of the surrounding technologies necessary for entrance control, not simply the gate or door. Integration with video surveillance, vehicle license plate readers, payment systems and back-office systems allows sophisticated monitoring and alerts to be created that greatly enhance the productivity of the solution.

Real-Time Location Tracker

Real-Time Location Tracker (RTLT) is the most sophisticated of our tracking solutions and provides the ability to immediately locate or find tagged assets within a monitored area and track their movements utilizing RFID technology. For example, one of TouchPath’s customers used this solution to locate and identify movement of critical manufacturing equipment within a large manufacturing and warehousing complex. Since RTLT has the ability to locate items within a square meter, it can be used to track personnel, contractors or visitors in facilities and monitor entrances into restricted areas. The system can also be configured to provide alerts based on the behavior of the tagged assets.