Food & Beverage

With today’s increasing demands from multiple government agencies (FDA, USDA, and Homeland Security) keeping up with compliance data is more important and more complicated than ever. The reason for lot/serial number traceability in the Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries is to protect the consumer. Without lot codes or other production identification, a manufacturer would have no way of telling “good” product from “bad,” should a product recall occur, forcing the company to recall ALL product in the market. TouchPath’s TouchWMS processes facilitate collecting this data when and where it’s needed.Touch WMS inventory tracking software food and beverage production line

TouchWMS is an inventory tracking software that validates lot status, lead times, and informs personnel which lot should be consumed first and which ones are on hold. An alert can be activated to notify supervisors by e-mail or text message when users are not complying with lot rules.

Throughout the product lifecycle, accurate and timely information is being captured, so that in the event of a product recall, vendor, production lots and shipping information are all easily accessible, limiting your exposure and minimizing recall costs. TouchPath’s solutions could be your best defense.

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