Warehouse operative from a consumer good manufacturerConsumer goods manufacturers look for unique ways to leverage their relationships with their trading partners and establish trusting relationships where they can exchange forecast and replenishment data with their retail customers.  Customers expect their suppliers to be able to answer questions with regards to available to promise, status of an order, and shipment information.

Improving supply chain visibility is key to every executive in the industrial sector.  But at some point in their past, most executives have been burned by discrepancies between planning expectations and actual performance achieved in their facilities. Application software has focused on planning systems and has done little with regard to production activity control or work place monitoring.  By the time word gets back that they are not going to meet plan, it’s too late to take corrective action.

Working with accurate information improves operations planning.  The first step is to utilize an inventory management system that provides real-time visibility throughout the entire order fulfillment cycle, like TouchInventory.  A solution that updates your systems automatically as production work is being performed.  Collecting production information in real-time directly from the shop floor, provides the much needed assurance that the base information used for forecasting future capabilities and for measuring actual performance is sound.  Directives made using current information equals more accurate decisions, provides greater reaction time, and reduces costly errors.

Improved information flow is essential to achieving overall performance and bottom line goals.

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