TouchPath’s software supports 1D and 2D barcodes, RFID, and PLC communications and is committed to providing automotive shop floor solutions to automate

  • shipping and receiving processes
  • tracking and controlling inventory
  • product identification
  • WIP (Work in Process) tracking

In addition, plant machine maintenance, including issuance of replacement parts and performing regularly scheduled maintenance tasks, keeps your equipment operating efficiently, prolonging the life of the equipment.

In the automModern automotive production line featuring RFID technologyotive industry, barcode data collection is gradually being replaced with RFID technology.  RFID tags can be encoded with information that tracks the date and point of manufacture, serial number, warranty information, service history, and other pertinent information for any product.

One of the major issues automotive companies face is ensuring product quality to avoid costly recalls.  In the case of a recall it is important to act as fast and precisely as possible.  Knowing where products were shipped, if the defect was limited to a specific lot number, or if the defect was the result of a supplier’s faulty raw material are all means to limit the manufacturer’s costs associated with the recall.  TouchPath could be your best defense, contact us today.

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