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Airplane equipped with RFID technology taking off from airportDuring the 2010 RFID Journal Live conference, Kenneth D. Porad, program manager for Boeing commented that utilizing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track on-board life vests was a beneficial and significant time saver for the airline industry. RFID Journal’s March/April 2010 magazine published an article titled “Airlines Play RFID Close to the Vest” featuring TouchPath’s (formerly TouchPath Software) customer Eastern Aero Marine.

TouchPath has incorporated RFID technology in aviation life vests and has the ability to tag other equipment such as safety and survival kits, rafts, flashlights, crash axes, C02 cylinders, oxygen masks and megaphones.

For Airlines/Marine Vessels
During on-board safety checks, airline personnel physically bend over to verify the presence of a life vest under each passenger’s seat, but with RFID this process is automated and much faster.  Embedding life vests and other safety equipment with an RFID tag allows the tracking of inventory, verifies the equipment’s presence, helps reduce thefts, and prevents fines from being imposed for not having the required equipment on-board.

For Aviation/Marine Equipment Manufacturers
RFID’s time saving technology can be utilized by the aviation and marine safety equipment industries. Not only can you manage your shop floor/warehouse inventory, but your airline/marine customers benefit from utilizing the RFID tagged equipment during their safety checks.

Why you should get on-board with RFID tagging your inventory:

  • A reduction in data entry labor
  • Additional reduction in labor and increased efficiencies by eliminating manual intent based scanning
  • Lot control in case of product recall
  • Each scan with a barcode reader, reads one tag.  Each scan via RFID can read hundreds to thousands of tags, simultaneously.
  • Streamlining “picking” results in reduced search time
  • Validating “staged” shipments as product leaves the dock door portals, prevents mis-shipments

The benefits of implementing RFID technology results in a reduction in labor force and human error, faster shipping, increased material handling speed and efficiency, and provides accurate real-time inventory information.  Ultimately, RFID helps you increase profits and decrease costs.  We have a solution to fit every budget.

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